The Valuable Lesson


At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, not only do I hope to have finished the first draft of my YA novel, but I hope to enjoy a glass of Petite Syrah and a well-deserved sigh of relief. Unfortunately, my dreams of meeting that deadline were dashed this week when I opened the PAGES app and noticed three-thousand words missing from my document.

You see, I spend most days holed-up in a quiet corner with my iPad opened to PAGES. I’ve been writing my novel this way for the past year. I open and close the PAGES app without any problem or complaint. And I rarely tap the Documents tab. I simply type and close the app. Typically, this process works in my favor.

Until this week when a new PAGES update came while I was working. I needed a break anyway, so after writing my three-thousand words, I closed PAGES and updated the app. Then when I opened the app again, my three-thousand words were gone.


Now, instead of being one chapter away from completing this first draft, I am three. Worse, I had forgotten to turn on my iClouds button.

Two very valuable lessons have been learned, and now I am passing them on to you.

1) Always tap the Documents tab to save your document, especially if you are updating the PAGES app.

2) TURN ON iCLOUD!!! It will save your tush if this same thing happens to you.

Meanwhile, onward I type. Perhaps with a little more anxiety every time I close and open the app, but maybe a Petite Syrah will help with that.

Happy Writing!