Meet Heatherly

I am a former NYC Radio Personality whose heart has always belonged to the literary world. Every weekday, I lugged my laptop all the way from Stamford to Soho, much to the chagrin of my lower back and balls of my feet (I eventually stopped wearing high heels). In studio, I used my entire on-air shift to write stories–from picture books to young adult–while Lady Gaga and Katy Perry blared in the background.

Also in Manhattan, I developed my craft under the amazing guidance of the late, great Deborah Brodie. I have since moved to Houston, where I am the member of SCBWI and two amazing critique groups.

I am interested in meeting other writers and finding the right agent. You can reach me at

Big Hugs and Happy Writing.


8 thoughts on “Meet Heatherly

  1. I have a suggestion pertaining to your Christmas Book. Publish it yourself. Several benefits. Your retain control. You make all the profit, if there is any. I have done several that way. Is Heatherly your first name or last. I saw your latest post in my Google daily pickup on the name Heatherly.
    Best wishes.

  2. Thank, Charles! That is something I am seriously considering. The manuscript has been given rave reviews, but I keep running into that debut author roadblock. 🙂 Do you write PB’s too? Or did you self-publish novels?

    As for Heatherly, that is my first name. Love it as your last name, too. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. Honestly, I was still in college when I worked with him at Power 103 in Abilene, so I only remember bits and pieces. I really liked him, though. Funny guy, very nice. Not sure why he left or where he went.

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