Picture Books

Ava’s daddy is at war.  Every day that he’s gone, she sends him a paper angel.  Oh, how she hopes he will be home for Christmas!

Being the daughter of a police officer, I know the worry of waiting for your parent to return home.  You want to them to be safe.  All children of police officers, firefighters, and military personnel are familiar with this feeling.  That is why I wrote CHRISTMAS ANGELS.

According to About.com’s Matthew Tull, PhD, children of deployed soldiers have higher heart rates and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A picture book might help them through this difficult time.  CHRISTMAS ANGELS acknowledges the child’s longing and fears, while making her an active participant in a happy and hopeful ending.

I am currently polishing several different picture books, plus I am writing a young adult novel.  I am also a member of SCBWI.

I have worked with the late, great freelance editor and book doctor Deborah Brodie, http://deborahbrodie.com/.Deborah said, “Heather is a hard-working writer, serious about improving her craft and gifted at revising.  A consummate professional, she is a pleasure to work with.”


Heatherly Walters


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